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Our History

From Sam Phillips and PDI to The Phillips Company, Inc.

1985 – Sam Phillips retires from Cummins Engine Company, Inc. (now Cummins Inc.).

– Sam and Tim Dillingham start Phillips Dillingham, Inc. (PDI), offering manufacturing services to Sam’s former employer.

– First business for Cummins Engine Company: store engine test coils, then ship them to various locations for certification and testing at universities.

1986 – Opened first production facility: 1,000 sq. ft. State Street plant in Columbus, Indiana.

– PDI successfully manufactures a testing tool,
the Engine Oil Blow-By Tool, for Cummins Engine Company, Inc. This diagnostic service tool determines if oil slips by the piston during engine use.

– Success of this initial manufacturing assignment results in additional Cummins’ orders. PDI goes on to produce 30 diagnostic tools.

1986 - 1994 – Continued growth and new business from Cummins Engine subsidiaries. PDI recognized for problem-solving and ability to complete unique manufacturing jobs.

1994 – Won wire harness assembly contract from Cummins Engine Company. Production reaches 4,000 pieces a week.

1994 – Growing workload prompts PDI expansion to current location at 6330 East 100 South in Columbus, Indiana. This 9,600 sq. ft. building houses storage, manufacturing, and office space.

1994 – Sam Phillips acquires PDI in buy-out. Production continues to increase over the next five years.

1999 – Record production: 13,000 pieces per week.

Jan. 2006 –Valerie Phillips, Sam Phillips’ daughter, purchases PDI from her father. She changes PDI name to The Phillips Company, Inc., TPCI.

Sept. 2007 – TPCI purchases Maximum Spindle Utilization (MSU) manufacturing business.

May 2009 – Won the BlackEnterprise Small Business Award.

2011 – Celebrating our 25th anniversary

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Founder, Sam Phillips

Sam Phillips saw a need, and made a good decision – to pursue a business relationship with a local diesel engine company. He gained a reputation for providing prompt and accurate manufacturing services. The result: expansion and a growing business.