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Machining, Assemblies, and Sub-assemblies

TPCI serves as a versatile outsource for a variety of manufacturing needs throughout the world.

At TPCI, we make the most of machining efficiencies and then pass the savings along to you. At the same time, we make sure that you receive the highest quality at the lowest cost. We use our experience, capabilities, and quality standards to give you maximum results.

Using your specifications, we:
Configure our processes to meet your specifications
Provide experienced employees, including machine operators, software engineers, and quality professionals
Produce consistent, high-quality assemblies
and sub-assemblies. (We are ISO 9001: 2008 certified.)

Minimizing Costs by Maximizing Assets
We ensure that each company asset is highly utilized to minimize your costs. We offer the precision machining capability that has made us the “first stop” supplier for many of your demanding requirements.

Some examples of diesel engine components manufactured by TPCI include:
• Lube oil cooler housings, support, and covers
• Lube oil pump housing and covers
• Water pump housings
• Front engine supports
• Crankshaft pulleys, idler pulleys and accessory drive pulleys
• Small engine cylinder blocks, gear covers and cylinder heads
• Thermostat housings
• Air compressor supports
• Exhaust collector connections
• Various shafts for water pump and lube pump assemblies


  Machining, Assemblies, Sub-Assemblies  
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We surpass your expectations.

Do you have ambitious production goals? TPCI is both versatile and thorough, and has assisted corporations in finding long and short-term solutions.