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Whether you are expanding within an existing market, or penetrating a new one, TPCI warehousing solutions assist companies that do not have in-house logistics services or who wish to focus on core competencies.

By using our flexible warehousing technology, you can:
Optimize cost savings
• Lower your liabilities
• Increase speed to market

TPCI provides more than 13,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space, and will expand to meet customer demand.

Fulfillment Services

Our fulfillment services can meet your special shipping requirements.

This includes:
• Kitting
• Packaging
• Additional value-added services such as inspection and salvage



We are committed to customer service and operational excellence. To provide you with the best of both, we integrate technology and infrastructure in order to deliver what you want, when you want it.

Using a customized TPCI program allows you to:
• Improve your bottom line and return on investment
• Reduce your time to market
• Streamline your business processes
• Increase response rates


TPCI is your industrial resource for fittings. Our extensive directory features a wide range of fitting manufacturers and distributors which specialize in an assortment of fittings for all industries, both custom-designed and pre-fabricated.

This includes:
• Fittings
• Capscrews
• Nuts
• Washers


  Machining, Assemblies, Sub-Assemblies  
  Learn more about our machining capabilities  

We surpass your expectations.

Do you have ambitious production goals? TPCI is both versatile and thorough, and has assisted corporations in finding long and short-term solutions.